Study group for mathematical methods for Finance and Economics
  • I am wondering if anyone would be interested in such a group. We could make a WhatsApp group and just write there our the questions concerning theory or even the presentations when they are out. I guess it would save a lot of time.

  • I sent you a PM.
  • You got a request on Facebook :)
  • Hey, guys! I would love to know a little bit more about the course... Could someone of you tell me how was it ... the lectures, presentation, exam etc? Many thanks :)
  • The exam will be Wednesday. The lectures were a bit demanding in the beginning, but very interesting. I learned a lot of new concepts i have never seen before as it was highly abstract, and also understood some concepts which I calculated at school, but did not know why it is done the way it is done (e.g. Integrals). The presentations are really fun to watch, they are all on youtube and the topics selected are quite interesting, i got some ideas for my bachelor thesis. Especially the ones on stochastic processes. However,i enjoyed the practical part most. It is a great opportunity to enhance programming skills.
    It is also worth mentioning that Dr. Cserna made his best not scare us with difficult math and was always available per email or on phone.
    The workload was moderate, but it was not stressful as it was evenly distributed through the semester with assignments, presentations, paper and and the lectures.
    I highly recommend the course, especially if you are interested in quantitative finance, math or want to write an empirical thesis or just want to learn a lot of new stuff without much stress.
  • hey @noname31, you have a pn :)


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