Gigabyte Motherboard Debug Code "C0"? What does it mean?
  • So I updated the BIOS on my motherboard last month. Since I built this Computer I haven't had any issues with it other than some Sound issues which were a common problem with this board, however I fixed that long ago. It was built February 2016. On my LED Code on the MoBo it reads "C0" the manuals description says "Reserved" Is my Computer trying to warn me something is wrong or is about to be wrong? I had 1 issue forgot to mention while playing Battlefield 1, the Game Freezes Completely! forcing me to restart my Computer CTRL + ALT + DELETE won't work or ALT + F4 won't work or even ALT + TAB won't work. Other than the CODE saying "C0" and Battlefield 1 Freezing, I have NO IUES with any of my other 27 games. Any Ideas? Someone said "C0" means BENT Pin on the CPU/MoBo but I haven't touched the CPU since I built this Computer?

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