Brand Management bei Otter
  • habe hier schon mehrfach gelesen dass Brandmanagement interessant und in Hinblick auf eine sehr gute Note easy sein soll.
    habe bei OLAT folgende Kursbeschreibung gefunden und muss sagen dass mich diese abschreckt.

    "This course is designed for the geek in you. My goal is to recruit students into our Master-/PhD program at Goethe University based on this course. Therefore, this course is *not* a text-book based course. We will discuss (and you will have to read) original research papers. We will revisit many concepts and techniques discussed in other classes but try to push their boundaries. If you are not prepared to actively participate in every class and independently think about as well as work with the material presented and posted, please choose a different class!
    The management of products and services is at the very core of marketing and encompasses the famous 4 P's product, price, place, promotion. This course builds on your understanding of consumer behavior and marketing research and develops the conceptual and analytical components of brand management."

    Ich frage mich nun ob es sich noch um das "gleiche" Brand Management handelt, welches so gelobt wird.
    Bin auch eigentlich vom Finance&Accounting Schwerpunkt. Ist da gerade Brand Management vielleicht doch nicht das richtige für mich?

    Hoffe auf Hilfe ;)


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